December 20, 2020

Considering I am still sick, I have been getting my workout in on the spin bike, weights, and pilates DVDs. No running for me until I can actually breathe. I was hoping to sweat the sickness out but that’s not working. Bummer. I will tell you was helps though…

1.  Comfort Food and Trader Joe’s.

To be more specific, all the cool stuff I got on my last trip to Trader Joe’s. I have gotten so many comments and messaged about that Sriracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce that I used with my “Chicken” Fried Tofu, and I must say- if you can, GET IT. That stuff is UH-mazing.

Something also really good is their Miso Ginger Broth.

I used that to make a Soba Noodle soup with mushrooms and it was so good and comforting! Seriously helped with this upper respiratory infection. I might have added some of that Sriracha BBQ sauce also. Just because.

2. Having kids.

Ok, so if my kids were babies right now it might actually make being sick a little worse. When they are little you worry about them getting sick, taking care of them, etc. The good thing about when they get older is they become somewhat self sufficient. I am pretty sure they could handle things without me for a couple days and be perfectly fine (well, physically- mentally they would most likely push each other over the edge.) Obviously I haven’t tested that theory, but I’m just saying.

So how does having kids help when you’re sick? They are more than likely willing to do things for you. I just mention that I’m thirsty and chances are 2 out of 3 are going to be racing to grab me something to drink. If I ask them to make me something to eat, they are ALL about it. Cooking in the kitchen? It’s a PRIVILEGE, man! Seriously though- when I’m sick they do seem to help out a little more now that they’re older.


3. The Keurig (isn’t this Mini one so cute?! If ours breaks, this is the one I want!). Being able to get coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc pretty much on demand? Yes please! The fact that my kids (even the 3 year old!) can do it for me? BONUS! Portland is frowning upon me right now btw- who would have thought that *I* would be drinking coffee from a Keurig?! I sure miss REAL coffee from the Pacific Northwest..but until then..

4. Working Out.

Ok, so maybe when you’re sick it’s not good to do any hardcore workouts- PROBABLY not the best idea. But if you are getting antsy (and feel up to it of course!), popping in a nice yoga or pilates dvd can definitely make you feel better. You can also try treadmills or elliptical trainers.


It makes me feel better, and there’s nothing that gets you so out of breath that you can’t breathe. Just moving helps me feel a little bit better to be honest! If I could go outside for a walk and get some fresh air I would, but considering this arctic blast I’m thinking staying inside is the better option, even if it means going crazy inside!

5. Emergen-C and Smoothies.

I swear I think that Emergen-C has saved me from getting more sick than I already was SO many times. That stuff is great. It’s especially awesome when adding it to a smoothie. So good to get some frozen strawberries, some grapes, and add in an Orange Emergen-C pack..YUM.  With smoothies, you can add all the healthy, immune boosting things to. I love it. Definitely a bonus when you’re sick and need a good way to get in all the immune boosters. And if it’s during a snow storm? Sip it by the fireplace like I do. No worries.


How is the weather where you’re at? Does your city shut down when it snows? Coffee or Tea? Favorite kind?!

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