October 23, 2020

Sleep is rare for new moms, so the blessing of Baby Video Monitors is hard to measure. Mothers tend to wake up and need to know the kids are warm, covered, dry, and happy.

Why is Your Baby Crying – Find out Easily

With a video monitor that includes an extra camera, you will know what they need, even if they are sleeping in two rooms. You can see them without having to get out of bed to check them. So you have peace of mind, without accidentally awakening them.

This will help you to be able to get some much needed sleep. With no unnecessary interruptions you will be more rested, and feel your best, and be able to handle whatever the day brings.

Baby Video Monitor for Twins or 2 Children – Grows with you

Having cameras for two rooms is great, and these sets will grow with you and your kids. When they are trying to learn to fall asleep on their own, when they wake up but nothing is really wrong, or when they are playing in a different room. The baby monitor will help in all of these situations and more.

Buying a 2 Room Baby Video Monitor

When Buying a Two Camera Baby Video Monitor, you want to know a few things. Here are some that we will point out below.

  • Is it Interference free, so you won’t have trouble using your phones or internet.
  • Video Quality – How is night vision and can you zoom. Is the camera Black & White or Color (Night Vision will be B&W)
  • Multi Camera must be an option
  • Power source options for the units – rechargeable/ wireless
  • Total Price

Baby Video Monitor – 2 Cameras Use Channels

Extra Cameras Require Extra Channels
If you own a baby video monitor system now and are wondering if it is possible to add a camera, find out if you have multiple channels. If you do, then you may be able to simply add a camera to your existing set, much cheaper than buying a new monitor system.
When you add the camera, you will simply set it to A or B, whichever the other camera is not using, and on your handheld monitor, you would switch back and forth between channel A and B, depending on who you want to view.

Interference from Other Baby Video Monitors

It is possible if you live in a condo or apartment building, that your unit could pick up interference from other similar units. This is not from internet or phones, but actually picking up the signal sent from someone else baby video monitor camera. The best you can do is switch channels, and if that does not work, you may need to get a unit from a different manufacturer to prevent this from happening.

Best baby monitor with 2 cameras in 2020

VTech VM350-2 5″ Video Baby Monitor

Best baby monitors with 2 cameras
One of the main function of any baby monitor is to let you remotely listen and see your baby in another room, so you can be sure they are safe and comfortable.
At its core, a baby monitor serves one function: to let you remotely listen to—and in the case of modern models, see—your infant or toddler VTech VM350 baby monitor make sure parents have the exact tool to do that, offering monitors that do everything from play lullabies to send video streams directly to your phone.

It includes automatic infrared night vision that gives parent a clear view of their baby even in dark. The camera quality is excellent and
includes advanced features such as room-temperature monitoring and a sound-activated display.


  • High quality 5 inch color LCD screen
  • Up to 1,000 feet of range
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom
  • Five calming melodies and four soft ambient sounds
  • Temperature sensor

The VM350-2 is one of the most reliable and easy to use baby monitor for making sure your twins are secure and comfortable. It has a long range of 1000 feet, which is enough for you to stay connected to camera even when you are outside or in your yard.

Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor

Best baby monitors with 2 cameras
If you are looking for a baby monitor that you can pan, zoom and tilt, then Motorola MBP50-G2 is your best bet. Setting up this monitor is very easy and you will understand its control in no time. The picture quality is amazing both during daylight for naps and pitch black for bedtime. The camera of this baby monitor comes pre-programmed with 5 lullaby sounds.

Thanks to the infrared LED lights, you can monitor your baby even when there is little or no light. The room temperature display will give you an idea when your child need to adjust. The screen on the parent unit big with excellent quality picture. The monitor is easy to use and it’s great that you can move the camera about – I plugged it all in and it was ready to go!


  • 5-inch LCD color screen with 2 cameras
  • Two-way communication
  • Easily adjust the viewing angle of both cameras remotely
  • Infrared night vision and room temperature display
  • Light, portable and convenient

Overall, this is a best baby video monitor that does its job of allowing you to keep an eye on your baby from a distance, with a sleek design and some useful features.

LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Best baby monitors with 2 cameras 2020
LBtech baby monitor is one of the best dual camera baby monitor that you can buy in this range. It is a great choice for parents who have two kids. It portable and is light in weight. This makes it easy to place it in many areas without any issues.

This baby video monitor comes with a voice-activated mode for power savings and also include a wall mount.
The nice 4.3-inch LCD screen provides excellent quality picture. You can easily adjust the angle, tilt, and other parameters with this monitor.

  • Expandable to 4 Cams
  • Clear and large 4.3″ display
  • Good night vision
  • Long battery life
  • 2x Digital Zoom
  • Power Saving/Vox Mode
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