December 9, 2019

Being close to your child is a natural thing. You want to hold her, carry her an everywhere you go. She loves being close to you and exploring with you, but as your child grows, her added weight can make the task of carrying her a little more difficult than when she was first born. This very situation is what inspired the thinkers behind the Original HipSeat.

Trends in baby products come and go, but the one thing that has remained the same is a child’s need to be close and secure with her parents. Hip seat is a revolutionary product that strives to make life easier for parents with small children, by providing them with a safe, innovative way to bring their child with them without risk of hip dysplasia or back problems.

Traditional baby carriers put extensive strain on a parent’s back, especially parents with toddler-age children who haven’t quite mastered the art of walking. This hip seat for baby allows parents to comfortably carry their children, while relieving the pressure on their back, shoulders and hips – and provides babies with the comfort of being close to their parents on their very own baby hip seat.

What is Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Hip seats are really soft and can be used in any position to carry your baby, like inward-facing, outward-facing, feeding position, back carry and hip carry. It helps you to carry your baby anywhere anytime and you also feed them easily.

Because of the soft cushion and perfect positioning of the hip seat, it doesn’t lead to any pain in the back and shoulder. Hip seat is recommended for babies for more than 6 months and less than 3 years.

If your baby is more than 6 months, she or he must be able to rotate head properly. Then you can surely go with the hip seat to carry them. If the baby is still growing, we won’t suggest you go for it now.

Why Use a Hip Seat?

Traditional baby carriers were all the same: they created excessive strain on the backs, shoulders and hips. Rather than support the baby’s weight through your core, you’re forced to support your baby’s weight using your shoulders. But with hip seat baby carrier, the process of carrying a child up to 44 pounds an easy task. The straps that pulled on a parent’s shoulders were not needed and the hip seat for baby rested comfortably around the parent’s waist. It was simple, practical and most importantly, it made baby and parent happy.

Advantages of hip seat

  • Due to hip seat, a mother and a baby will never be apart from each other. Mother can take care of the baby anywhere she wants. She can even feed her anywhere she wants.
  • The baby will be able to take a view of the outside world easy and comfortable. The baby will be able to interact with many people outside.
  • Because of the hip seat, whole pressure will be on your legs and hips. Hip seat will protect your back and shoulder from any severe pain.
  • The weight of the hip seat is really light, which will be about 1.6 lbs or a little bit more. You can even remove the cushion for more space. Hip seat offers all types of supports like pockets, straps, support and seating variations.
  • They also include velcro support even if they give a buckle lock system for more safety. The baby stays safe inside the hip seat.
  • You will be able to easily detach the whole hip seat with the help of any nurse or anyone.

Let’s see some of the best hip seat baby carriers.

Best Baby Hip Seat Carriers 2020

MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Child & Baby Carrier

Best Hipseat Baby Carrier
MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Child & Baby Carrier can carry babies in 9 different ways. It is a unique back supporting carrier which helps you to carry your baby effortlessly and safely with you.

This hip seat baby carrier has a unique design, which helps to distribute weight properly and doesn’t give any type of bad back, neck or shoulder injury. It is designed that way, so it can carry the baby with correct posture with his/her hip in rest and leg should also be resting properly.

The baby carrier does use any long fabric. It has been developed and tested by Swiss experts and has some extra storage options, where you can keep some food for your baby or yourself, a phone pocket to carry a phone or keep your wallet and a breathable mesh to pass air from inside and outside.


  1. 9 different ways to place your baby
  2. Extra storage
  3. A phone pocket.
  4. No extra fabrics.
  5. Developed and tested by Swiss Experts.


  1. There is no extension for the waist, you need to buy that separately.

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier, Infant To Toddler Carrier

best hipseat 2020
Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier is one of the best baby hipseat carriers. They design and build a high-quality product which helps to keep the baby safe.

Ergobaby hipseat carriers are breathable, lightweight and easy to use. Which helps to stay the baby in peace. In this hipseat, you can keep any baby more than 6-7 months up to 48 months.

The baby hipseat uses breathable mesh so that it keeps the baby inside cool. You can carry your baby in any position you want. Front, back or sideways. Even you get babyhood to keep your baby safe from direct sunlight.

There is a two-way strap to hold the hipseat carrier, which holds the hipseat and keep the baby safe. Even the straps are very comfortable to wear on. Waist Belt can be worn loose or tight as per mothers’ needs.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy to carry.
  • 2 strap for more protection.
  • Hood for the baby.


  • Cool Air Mesh Carrier is not GOTS certified.

Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat 6 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier Backpack

Bebamour Baby Carrier
Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat 6 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier Backpack is a unique backpack, in which you can carry your baby. You can carry your baby in 6 different ways, according to your needs. The upper part of the hipseat can be detached from a single seat.

The design of this hipseat is so unique that you can easily fold it and put it in your backpack and when you want to go out. You even get babyhood to keep your baby safe from sunlight or certain rain. Even you get a normal pouch in which you can keep your mobile, charger, tissue or anything that is needed.

The foam of this hipseat is really soft and gives your baby comfort inside. Even you get a high-quality shoulder strap to hang easily. The whole hipseat is made up of soft classical cotton with polyester touching.

  • 6 in 1 baby carrier.
  • A unique design.
  • soft classical cotton with polyester touching makes it more breathable.


  • They do not have cross straps.

SUNVENO Baby Hip Seat Ergonomic Baby Carrier 3in1

best hipseat carrier 2020
SUNVENO Baby, Hip Seat Ergonomic Baby Carrier 3in1 Baby Hipseat for Outdoor Travel Waist Stool is one of the best hipseat baby carriers due to its Standard 100% Certified Fabrics and Back Pain Relief Design. Which makes it more unique for mothers. It gives maximum comfort to the babies in all ways like (front-outward, front- inward, hip and back carry).

The baby carrier is suitable for the baby above 3 months. It makes ensures that your baby seats in M position and the legs are in C position above the hip.

The Anti-slip guard and the padding in the 3D hip seat area is more to give comfort to the baby. You can easy install this baby hip seat carrier and carry important things while traveling.

It even gives babyhood to keep your baby protected from wind and sun protection and it has a honeycomb venting which allows air to pass from inside to outside and vice versa. This baby carrier has an X shape strap, which makes it more comfortable for the parents to walk around. You can even wash it by hand only.


  • It is suitable for babies for more than 3 months.
  • Back Pain Relief Design for Dad and Mom.
  • Gives the right posture to your baby.
  • Standard 100% Certified Fabrics, Back Pain Relief Design.


  • You cannot wash it in the washing machine.

TIANCAIYIDING Baby Hip Seat Ergonomic Carrier

best hipseat baby carrier review
Infant Baby Wrap Carrier with Stool is one of the best sellers and won “Most Comfortable Carrier” by prestigious Cribsie Awards. They develop a product based on customer interests.

The design of the hipseat is so unique that it also helps the baby to grow naturally. It gives a luxury vibe while carrying the baby. It has an adjustable hip seat, leg openings, proper hip support, frog-leg seating, and curved C-spine position. It has an adjustable back panel and head support which helps the baby to rest their head.

It comes with a waist pocket to carry your device or keep small traveling things. It gives a shoulder strap with buckles for more safety. It has a soft cushion so that the baby can get the comfort they need.

This way baby and parents can enjoy more with themselves and walk around. It has multiple functions like you can use it for waist stool, baby carrier, and a baby hip seat carrier. You can even read their manual for more information


  • Bestseller and award-winning product.
  • Soft cushion
  • 3 in 1 feature (waist stool, baby carrier, baby hip seat carrier)
  • 6 different ways to use this product.


  • It doesn’t have a hood but it has a head pad.

Bable Baby Carrier Hip Seat

best hipseat 2020
Bable Baby Carrier Hip Seat is one of the best solutions to leave your hand free and staying close to your baby while working. You can carry your baby in six different ways in this baby hipseat carrier so that your baby grows naturally and it doesn’t affect his/her growth.

It has a nursing cover that helps the mother for breastfeeding anywhere. It also has cotton bibs for drool and vomit. It has a hood to protect the baby from sunshine and rain. It has a side pocket to keep your phone while playing with your baby.

It has mesh which allows air to pass by inside and outside conveniently.  So, you don’t have to buy one more during hot and rain.

It gives two shoulder straps and one waist strap with a buckle, which helps to reduce the load on the wearer and carry baby comfortably in walks around the house, short trips or hiking. It even gives a soft and safe hip seat while feeding the baby.

Even you get 30 days risk-free guarantee and 24 months warranty.


  • Easy for breastfeeding.
  • cotton bibs for drool and vomit.
  • babyhood for sun and wind protection.
  • side pockets for your phone, keys and baby bottle.
  • 30 days risk-free guarantee and 24 months warranty.


  • It is not sturdy enough.

360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat – AIEBAO

best hipseat 2020
Manufacturer of this product is Aiebao a leading brand, which is loved by most of the moms and babies. They are constantly developing high-quality products for babies. This product has a large padded waistband to provide the support you need to maintain a healthy posture. You can carry your baby from 3 months to 36 months, it’s the All-in-One carrier for your parenthood journey.

This hip seat is designed very efficiently, which makes it really comfortable for the baby and parents to carry the baby. You can carry your baby in six positions. In this hip seat, your baby gets huge support in the hip.

You can carry your accessories easily with its pocket in it. It has an Intimate accessory and design have 45-degree slide which is, thickened sponges and a flexible EPP seat to protect the mother’s abdomen which doesn’t let your baby slip.

It has a long and thick velcro, which gives extra safety and protect mothers from waist injury. It has a double strap and buckles lock to hang in the shoulder with ease and walk around. AIEBAO supports a 30-day risk-free refund and a 24-month warranty.


  • Strengthen Breathability
  • Comfortable Hip Seat
  • The Maximum Comfort for You and Your Baby
  • Intimate Design
  • Quality Assurance


  • You cannot breastfeed in this hipseat.

How to choose the best Hipseat Baby Carrier?

  1. Check the fabric before buying the hipseat. See, if they provide good quality fabric or not.
  2. Check the number of straps they provide to support.
  3. Check if they provide velcro or not.
  4. Check if you can breastfeed or not.
  5. Check, in how many ways you can carry your baby in it.
  6. Check it they provide a small pocket or not.
  7. Check if they provide have a unique design for baby hip seat or not.
  8. Check if it is sturdy or not.
  9. Check if they provide any manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee.
  10. Check if they provide babyhood or not.

Safety Tips When Using Baby Hip Seat Carrier

baby hipseat carrier safety

  • The straps need to be adjusted to make sure you and the baby are comfortable.
  • The hug strap needs to be tightened to hold the baby close to your body.
  • While carrying big babies, it is ideal to keep the baby facing you and the seat centered to your waist.
  • The belt must be secured tightly on your waist above the pelvis.
  • Make sure the Velcro is fastened firmly and the buckles are clicked completely.
  • As your body takes time to adjust to the product, use hip seat to carry the baby for short periods initially, and gradually extend the wearing time.
  • If you are pregnant, get professional advice prior to the use of this product.
  • Be careful about the baby’s safety, especially while using the hug-strap connected seat.
  • Be careful when the baby wears short clothes, as the zippers, straps and buckles in this product can injure the baby’s skin.
  • This is not a hands-free carrier. It is important to support your baby’s back or belly with your arm at all times.


After reading all this, you must have got an idea which one will be best for you and which will give you and baby comfort anywhere anytime.

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