November 29, 2019

There is nothing more captivating than a child’s imagination. An action movie can get them emulating their favorite characters, shooting at each other with water guns and playing dead. I remember when my father promised to buy me a water gun if I passed my tests. I was highly motivated and passed the tests with flying colors, and I still remember the day I finally had the water gun in my arms. Fast forward, and a few decades later I now own a blog dedicated to kid’s stuff and merchandise.

As a memorable throwback, I dedicate this article to any parent/babysitter who’s having a hard time choosing the best water guns that their budget can allow.

But first, here are best water guns of 2020  in a nutshell.

What Are Water Guns?

Water guns are water shooting devices mainly used for recreational purposes and mostly by kids. They can also be used by adults for various purposes such as spraying pesticides or cheap pressure washing. According to a recent survey by super soaker waterguns, most water guns target children, but some such as the Super Soakers in the CPS series target adults and teenagers as well.

Speaking of the Super Soaker, did you know it was the first water gun to be invented? Water guns have a rather funny history. Back in 1982, a man named Lonnie Jackson witnessed his heat pump shoot water across his bathroom and thought it a good idea for a water gun.

The first gun to be released was called the Power Drencher. It was released in 1989 and paved the way for what we know today as the Super Soaker. According to the, as much as people like to associate water guns with violence obtained in films, the only purpose of this wonderful invention is for recreational uses.

The same excitement that struck the founder when he saw that stream of water accidentally shoot from his heat pump is what kids experience with a water gun in their hands. The only difference is, they do not think of making other inventions off of it or making a profit, all they want to do is spray water at their friends starring in their fun movie.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Water Guns?

I know many adults would prefer paintball, Nerf or even airsoft when asked to choose an alternative sport as opposed to water ‘gunning.’ Admittedly, it feels more of an adult sport. However, water guns have more advantages compared to any of these sports.


All the games named above require ammunition, so to say, to make the gun work properly. Water guns only need water, which happens to be a natural resource. More so, it is free and a lot safer compared to Nerf darts or paintballs.

I remember playing paintball with a friend of mine some time ago, he accidentally hit me in the neck with a paintball, and that was one of the most painful ordeals my body had to witness. I was lucky it wasn’t that serious as there have been reports of serious injuries sustained during paintball or some of the other games mentioned above.

On the other hand, water is mostly harmless. No injury sustained from a water gun has ever been reported. Some of these stemmed from streams shot off of guns with extremely high pressure and instances when the ray might strike the unsuspecting child somewhere serious and exposed such as the eye.

Even then, you cannot compare a paintball to the eye to a stream of water. More so, most water guns are specially made for kids and as such are safe. If meant for any other role other than fun water games, the water guns have warning labels.


Anybody saying water games are not fun and enjoyable would be lying through their teeth. The fun in water wars lies not only in the amount of water that each gun can hold but also the short range that the streams cover. Refilling your water gun and finding new trajectories to shoot your opponent from are among the things that make these guns fun for kids.

Unlike paintball guns or nerf darts, you can never know how much water one stream constitutes let alone let the exact amount go out every time you pull the trigger. As such, there is constant need to refill the water gun fast while keeping an eye on the opponent. Seeing that water guns weigh more than most paintball guns, the illusion of a heavy gun that needs to be refilled with water after a few sprays makes the child feel invincible.

This game also enhances their creativity as they find new ways to project the streams of water further without being ‘hit.’

Less Cost

The only cost you will incur when introducing your family to water gun wars is only while purchasing the gun. Even then, seeing that most of them are made from plastic, you won’t part with a lot of money. Paintball guns require regular maintenance, and you need to purchase the paintballs to keep playing.

More so, you do not need to do any laundry after water wars since the water will just dry off. For a kid, nothing is cooler than a water gun fight on a hot day in the summer. Hell, even I enjoy being sprayed with a cold stream of water when relaxing on a hot day by the pool.

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