March 8, 2019

You need to drink enough water throughout the day in order to be healthy. But, when you move out of the house, do you always carry a water bottle along with you? Certainly not, the main reason for this is that you do not want to carry a bag just for keeping the water bottle inside it. Well, there is a solution to this problem – the water bottle holders. You can get one of these water bottle holders and carry water with you anywhere and everywhere. A good part of the water bottle holder is that they come in a variety of styles and hence, you are free to choose your own style.

Various Styles of Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder for Every Girl: There are some girls who like to have a water bottle with them, but they don’t want to carry a big bag with them all the time. In addition to that they might want to carry small stuffs such as a lip-gloss or liner with them. For these kinds of girls, the water bottle holder with a single strap and a little pocket on the strap itself would be the best option.

Simple Strap Water Bottle Holder: If you just want a water bottle holder for the sake of it and you do not want to see any other benefits of it, you can go for the water bottle holder with nothing but a simple strap attached to it. It is available in a variety of colors and hence, you are free to pick your favorite one. There is a stripe in the center of the Water Bottle Holder and the strap given with it also matches that center stripe.

Quick Water Bottle Holder: If you are planning to go out on a picnic to some party spot, a quick water bottle holder would be a nice option for you as this water bottle holder comes with a G-hook. With the help of this hook, you would be able to hang the water bottle holder to any hook that you see. So, while sitting in the bus or the back seat of the car, you would be able to hang it on the front seat. Also, you can hand it behind the doors or just about anywhere.

Two Strands Water Bottle Holder: As the name of this water bottle holder suggests, there are two separate straps attached to this water bottle holder and you can thus use this one to hold the sturdiest of the water bottles too. Also, it would be a nice option when you are carrying a hot beverage in the bottle and you cannot just hang it on your shoulder.

Whichever water bottle holder you choose, just make sure that it suits your requirements and you need not face any problem while holding it.

Make Your Own Water Bottle Holder

A water bottle would help you to keep your beverages hot or cold the way you like it. However, you might not get the perfect water bottle holder for your water bottle on the market. In such a case, a nice option would be to make the water bottle holder for yourself at home. You would need a couple of things and if you have some of them available at home already, you would get a water bottle holder for free. Check out this tutorial to understand how you can make a Water Bottle Holder at home:

Trace the Pattern and Measure it correctly
Not all the water bottles are similar in shape. While some are straight, some others might curve inwards. And, there are some others that might curve outwards. So, you need to be sure about the pattern of your water bottle and you need to make the correct measurements as per that. Do not forget to note down the height and the width of the water bottle. Also, keep the water bottle holder somewhat bigger than the bottle itself so that the bottle could fit into it easily. Trace the bottom circle of the water bottle perfectly and measure the diameter and everything with perfect scales.

Cut out the Fabric
Water-Bottle-HolderWe hope that you have already bought the fabric that you need to use while stitching the water bottle holder. And, since it is a water bottle holder and not a water bottle cover, make sure that you already some extra fabric available to you. Start cutting the fabric once you are ready. A good thing would be to cut the bottom first. Have a pair of each of the bottom and of the pattern. Also, cut the strap that you would like to attach to the bottle. Make sure to keep it wide so that it does not get torn easily.

Start Stitching
Once you have collected the cut pieces of the water bottle holder, the next step is to start stitching them so that you can end up with a fabulous water bottle holder. Make sure that you keep at least 0.25 inches of cloth in stitching from the edge and stitch it from the reverse side. If you are a regular housewife working with these kind of stitching jobs, this task would be pretty easy for you. Once you have stitched the pattern, then you come to the bottom part of the water bottle holder, which would be completed by the circle that you cut in the previous step. Join the circle to the pattern of the Water Bottle Holder and start stitching them. If you are unable to do it with a machine, it would be a nice idea to complete the job with your own hands.

Make the Lining
You are almost done with the water bottle holder. But, wouldn’t you like it to look beautiful, so that when others would look at the water bottle holder, you can proudly tell them that you have made it yourself. Well, for that, you have to implement some extra effort. A nice option would be to add lining to the holder. You can create a lining of any suitable color you like. Make sure that the lining is at least 0.25 inch from the edge. Create it both on the pattern as well as on the bottom circle.

Stitch the Strap
The last step would be to stitch the strap of the water bottle holder as without the strap, you would not be able to hold the water bottle and it would be of no use then. If you want to stuff the strap with something, you can either use cotton fiber or you can use some waste cloth to place it in between the sides of the fabric. Again, make sure that you stitch it on the wrong sides. Once the strap is ready, then you would have to attach it to the water bottle holder. You can just place it over the edges of the pattern and make a stitch or two over it.

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