June 19, 2020

I couldn’t believe it. My bed sent me a “Dear Diva” text. It had the sheer nerve to break up with me over a stinking text! It didn’t even have the class to tell me that our relationship was in trouble. I mean, here I am thinking everything was okay while it was quietly stewing over it’s conceived grievances. Ok, so I might have been a little distracted and busy lately, and yes we haven’t spent a lot of quality time together, but to go from happy to see ya after all those years together?? Doesn’t it understand that I put in long hours to keep it in nice linen and bedding?

It was time for us to have a serious discussion about our relationship, and compromises had to be negotiated. I have agreed to spend more time with my bed and it has agreed to stop the annoying and sometimes constant nagging about how “you’re never there for me anymore” stuff. What does it want from me!

Be Willing To Invest Your Time

Well, I guess every good relationship has to be worked for and to be honest, I’ve missed my nap times. I just got so involved with my life I dropped the ball. I will admit that it was my fault entirely, but it could have said something sooner instead of that nasty text message. My trust has been broken. So while I will work hard to schedule more nap times, I will lay down filled with resentment and won’t snuggle! I don’t care how pretty the bed dresses up for me, I won’t crumble!

Be Willing To Admit That You Need Each Other

Yeah…I need my naps. I admire kids and cats…they seems to spend a great deal of time napping. Doesn’t matter where or in what position, they just do it. Maybe I enjoy my naps so much because I never grew up, or maybe I was a pampered Egyptian Cat Goddess (I’m going with this one!) in a previous life and the napping trait just stayed with me in this one. Whatever the reasons, I need my naps. I expend so much creative energy when I’m awake that those nap times are important to recharge my batteries, adjust my mood, help me to relax and improve my memory because I’m not sleep deprived.

Being Creative is really tiring. Besides for as long as I can remember, I only sleep 4 -5 hours at night. I really, really need my naps. And it was a little flattering to know that my bed missed me. I guess it was feeling not only neglected but it’s self worth was suffering. It thought it had lost value in my eyes. I was taking my bed for granted and just expected that it would wait around and just be there for me when I made the time.

Be Willing To Totally Commit

So, I will once again become a big nap fan! I’m a Nap Warrior and I’m not afraid to tell everyone that my naps are not to be messed with. I’m in a committed relationship with my bed, and my family and friends are just going to have to accept it. I’m not really worried about it because several of them have already heavily hinted that I’ve seemed a little cranky lately. Ok, majorly cranky lately. NASA actually had a study that proved that napping improves performance and alertness!

Napping is encouraged by many doctors as something most people should do to improve their overall health. Who can argue with that? One of the things I’m going to cut back on is posting to the blog just on Thursdays, I hope you understand that I need to work hard to recover my relationship with my bed…..napping needs me and I need it!

Happy Napping!

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