November 12, 2019

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer, with its auto shut-off feature, is the most suitable device to provide consistent temperatures to milk for feeding the babies. It reduces the risk of overheating and thus reduces any loss of nutrients to the food. Moreover, the bottle warmer avoids the occurrence of hot spots that may arise by heating in a microwave. The graduated droppers that facilitate, keeping things organized and neat and the grid facilitates easy measuring. It is so easy to use; just plugging in the unit, adding water and putting the bottle or the jar into the unit and switching it on.

If you are a mom, you must have realized how fussy and inconvenient it is, if your child cries at the dead of the night and you are required to keep your deep slumber away and get the milk warmed to it. And it is such a situation, which cannot be avoided. You can now have a bottle-warmer which gives you respite from all such inconveniences. It is a device for the quickest way of warming the formula milk or breast milk that you like to feed your child. The best part of this multi-tasking unit is that your child gets the exact temperature needed for it.

During the first year of its age, the digestive system of your baby is extremely sensitive to the warmth and the quantum of the milk that is fed to it. With the first years quick serve bottle warmer, you can ensure both these needs the warmth and the measured quantity. You may now be urged upon to go in for one such unit for your baby. Therefore, this review is made to make you aware of different features and pros and cons so that you can take a judicious decision for buying it.

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1. Product at a Glance

The height capacity of the warmer is 8.250 with a cycle time of 6 minutes. The overall product dimensions are 8.25 inches (height) x 5.5 inches (width) x 5.5 inches (depth). It offers care and clean wiping with a damp cleaning cloth. The weight of this quick serve bottle warmer is 1.54 ounces. This is an electrically operated product. The minimum and the maximum weight that is recommended to operate within this warmer are 16 ounces and 96 ounces respectively.

2. Quicker Boiling

After boiling a minuscule amount of water, it steam heats the milk, which starts boiling within 25 seconds of turning on and the whole process of making it is ready for feeding just within a period of 2 minutes. When all of the water is boiled off, the unit turns off automatically, and you take out perfectly heated milk

3. Bottle Features

The bottle warmer can warm bottles of any structures such as straight, angled, wide-necked or even disposables.

4. Warming Duration

The measuring vials facilitate estimation of the warming duration. In addition to warming of milk, it can warm a jar of baby food or sanitize up to two pacifiers in the included baskets. It is, therefore, multitasking.

5. Preservation of Nutrient Value

If you warm formula milk or breast milk in a microwave, the un-monitored heat is sure to take away their nutrient values and can cause hot spot too.

6. Vial for Water Measurements

The vial that comes with the unit should be used for measuring the exact quantity of water that needs to be added. In case you are going to warm half of a 5oz. bottle of formula milk or breast milk, add exactly half vial of water and for a full 5oz. bottle, use a full vial of water. That way, you can meet to the urgent requirement of your crying child.

7. Ease of Cleaning

You can just wipe the quick serve bottle warmer with a piece of damp cloth, and it becomes perfectly clean for further use.

8. Five-Step Formula

For providing exact temperature to milk, adopt few necessary steps. With the measurement bottle that comes with the unit, measure water of the desired quantity and put it in the middle of the bottle warmer. Put in your milk container. Turn the switch on. Wait and watch. Water will start boiling, and the steam will heat the milk container. When all the water is boiled off, the unit turns off automatically and finally, you take the measured-warm milk for your baby.

Pros & Cons


  • Easier and quicker: You can get the milk warmed easily and quickly at the right temperature suitable for your baby.
  • Auto shut-off feature of the bottle warmer: This feature does not overheat the milk because it gets shut-off automatically when the measured water in the unit is fully exhausted
  • Suitable for differently sized bottles: The unit can hold differently structured bottles, such as wide, narrow, angled and disposable
  • Cute appearance: The bottle warmer looks cute and nice on the kitchen counter, nursery counter, and tabletop.
  • Multitasking: As your child grows, it may not need warm milk. In that case, you can use the bottle warmer for warming solid food and can also warm jars of baby food by using a basket provided with the unit.
  • Exact temperature: By measuring the amount of water added, the bottle warmer provides the exact temperature as is needed.
  • Preserving nutrient value: Since the heat is regulated, the nutrient values of the formula milk or breast are fully preserved. There is no hot spot also
  • Organized and neat process: The graduated droppers coming with the unit keep the things organized and neat.
  • Smaller size: The size of the bottle warmer smaller compared to others in the market and hence takes lesser space on your countertop.


  • If you make the wrong estimate of the amount of water, all the water will be boiled off, leaving the cold milk. This is a personal flaw and can be remedied with a little bit of extra care in estimating and measuring the water required.
  • The time required is variable, being dependent upon the temperature of the water added, the temperature and amount of the milk.


When your baby gets hungry, it does not wait for your traditional means of warming the milk in a microwave or heater. At the same time, it needs perfectly nutrient milk. Now that you have gone through the review of the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer, you are aware of its different aspects; the positive features and the pros, overwhelmingly exceeding the minor cons it has. It can, therefore, be hoped that you will take a buying decision for the bottle warmer and bring home, one unit today.

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