November 19, 2019

Whether you have had a baby, days ago, several weeks ago, months, or even years ago.  You are still a candidate for the amazing effects, that belly binding, can provide for  you.

It can take inches off of your waistline.  So thick waisted ladies, do listen up.  I had this issue myself, after birthing 4 children.  It is not a hopeless situation.  You can lose those pesky inches.  8 months later, my waist is the same as it was 2 years ago!

It flattens the tummy over time, with diligent & daily use, and a little bit of patience.  And binding quickens your body’s postpartum recovery.  If you have had a c-sections, some really do, physically help aid in the healing process, and then again, some are not meant for c-section mama’s, so you got to look at the fine print, when choosing a binder.

Belly binding also helps close the gap (Diastasis Recti), that can develop after a pregnancy. (Over 1/3 of postpartum mothers will have a separation in their abdominals), and these numbers greatly increase, if you have bore twins, as the belly grows larger, and more rapidly.  So diastasis is something, most moms of multiples, will have to contend with.

HOWEVER, there is a lot of reason to hope, just by wearing a binder, you can draw those muscles back together, and close the gap quite effectively, that can otherwise, lead to back pain, even hernias, and other medically related issues.

Cheaper, and by far more pleasant, to wear a binder for a few months time, then to go for drastic surgery to repair both a diastasis, and a mummy tummy.  So to me, a postpartum belly binder, is THE best investment you can possibly make, for your body, after baby.  Even if you had your baby some time ago, or have a diastasis from another reason, such as improper crunches, or heavy lifting.

Yes, doing exercise the wrong way, can actually cause a diastasis, or form constantly lifting heavy objects, and straining your abs, especially through twisting, fast, and repetitious, motions.

Whatever the reason for your diastasis, you can close the gap, with a postpartum garment, even if you aren’t a postpartum woman.  Even a man..YES a man, can have a diastasis & can wear a garment, such as these below.

Now, I am not a miss know it all.  I only know about this subject, because I got pregnant with twins, researched things, and it seemed as if it was just inevitable that my stomach in the postpartum would require, some surgical help, if you will, which would cost more money then I’d have lying around to spend, for like, the rest of my life likely, so I was quite depressed about that aspect of things.

Then when I found the gap in my abdominals, I became even further depressed, thinking, that to, would require surgery, and for some odd reason, that is still considered cosmetic, and not covered by insurance.   So I did feel hopeless, at that time, I will not lie.

Now, I am in to spreading awareness to ALL!

Watch video below, to check and see, if you have a diastasis:

If you do have a gap, do start the binding process, as soon as you notice it. A good 10-15 hours a day of wear is best, especially early on.  I wore mine for a full 3 months, and though I saw the full effects a few weeks earlier then that, I went above and beyond, and now have my old belly back, post twins, which if you told me beforehand would ever be possible, I’d tell you you were crazy.  It isn’t luck, it’s not in my genetics (Trust me)…It’s the actions you take, and here, the actions are so very simple.

Now, if you weren’t tone before pregnancy, no garment is going to give you a 6 pack without working out.  The focus is getting back to what was once your normal, and if you can go a bit above and beyond, by shrinking your waist measurement an extra inch or so, there is no harm there right?

Women have been binding their bellies for years, and no not all of them have been postpartum mothers, like most of us.  Just take a gander at Scarlet O’Hara’s waistline, along with countless others, who bound themselves all too drastically, and too tightly, but have proven that waistlines do shrink with compression, over time.

Now you may notice at first, you bind, and slowly when you take the wrap off, the bulge slowly may start to re-appaear.  This happens during the early stages, and is completely normal.  I remember feeling a bit distressed about that, but I kept at it and soon, there was no lumps or bumps, returning to my profile, after I took the binder off, which for me, was miraculous to see!

It takes a little while.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was a baby, nor will your recovery, take one day’s time.  However, muscles DO have memory.  So give your body some time, to get used to retracting the skin, and the muscles, back to their usually closed, more elastic, trimmer, former, state.

There is no greater gift you can buy yourself, if you are frustrated with your mid section, but too chicken or broke like me, for surgery.  Why go through all of that?  Surgery should be a last resort, and a small amount of money could do for you, just what the surgery would have, for a much cheaper cost, and without a hip to hip scar!  Mom’s have been through enough!


Belly Binding Benefits! 

Let’s review:

1)  Belly binding helps bring the ab muscles together,  and make the mid section strong again

If there is an abdominal separation, it will help draw the muscles back together.  (I’m living proof that it works!)  In doing that it minimizes back pain, and other complications that can arise, from having a Diastasis Recti.

2) Binding shrinks the waist line on both sides, over time

Helping you get back to your former measurements quicker!  (Maybe better then before, if you keep at it!)

3) Binding helps bring the skin back to it’s prior state, quicker

Minimize or eliminate hanging skin, by compressing the skin in the tummy area. My skin wasn’t hanging down inches, like true twin skin, but if I leaned forward or bent down, even sitting, it was very wrinkly, and loose, for some time.  So unless REALLY severe, which I wouldn’t know about,…binding will help.

(That I cannot speak of, only my experience, but I’m sure it’ll still help to some degree, if not perfection), it does help, get the skin taut again, quicker, and retract back to it’s former state.

4) Flattens the dreaded ‘Mummy tummy’

Some women just can’t seem to lose, no matter how much dieting and exercise they do.  I have friends who still have this years postpartum. I tell them to bind up, as they are jealous and like, ‘How did you do that?’.  Belly binding baby.  I owe my entire mid-section, to it!

5) Helps aid in recovery, post C-section

Offering much needed support in the abdominal area, and taking pressure, off of the incision area.

6) The support of loosened skin, after delivery, can also help prevent, what some women refer to as ‘After pregnancy stretchmarks’

Which seems so damn unfair, but many women make it through pregnancy, think they have lucked out, only to get stretchmarks in the days AFTER the baby, has left their bodies.

Bind up, quickly, and you just might help yourself, from this unusual, yet possible phenomenon.  Bring back the elasticity in your skin..don’t let it just hang around!  (Big no no!).

I’m certain that the large, hanging, pouch & super mushy gut, I mean just jiggling, like there was no muscle left there, AT ALL, would still be there, if it wasn’t for my postpartum support.

(That mushy, no muscle feeling, lasted awhile, even as my tummy shrunk, so be patient).  Lax skin, and the  large diastasis, I had after giving birth to my girls, would still be there to some degree, had I not made the decision to bind.

Religious wear can have simply AMAZING results.  Check out my own postpartum picture page, (On the top menu bar of my home page), for my personal results in pictures!  They are always worth a thousand words!

7)  Brings back self esteem

Let’s face it ladies.  What we see in the mirror, effects us, even if we try desperately, not to admit it, and to ignore our figure flaws, they do, bother us.  Some more then others, but nevertheless, if you can have power over something, and it’s cheap and non-invasive, why wouldn’t you try it?  It’s not being vain, it’s just wanting to look and feel your best. Nothing wrong with that!

Belly binding is something that can only help you and never hurt you, so you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

What you want to look for in a binder that you are wearing for many hours every day is:

1) The biggest thing, of course, is comfort!

You don’t want to feel super itchy, or your skin cut in to.  You want to feel almost as if, you aren’t wearing anything at all, but reaping the benefits.

2) Invisibility

Especially, if you will be wearing your garment out & about, you will want it to be as inconspicuous as possible, underneath your clothing.

3)  Quality & Effectiveness

You don’t want something that is going to roll up, or down on you, be made of cheap materials, and not give you the full compression effects.  You want top quality at a fair price.  Something that works, for both you, and for your budget.  Us moms don’t have money to toss out the window!  That is for sure!

Ok, so what is out there, and what are the benefits to these compression garments?  I have tried 3 out of the 5 listed below, and are basing the other 2 binder reviews, on my cousin, and friend’s experiences, whom are postpartum, and had agreed to relay their own personal advice to me, on the other binders listed, so that I could write this article, for you all.

Best Belly Binders On The Market 2020

1. Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control Strapless Waist Cincher

This is the one I received and stuck with, wearing religiously not for only 40 days like Brooke says, with the tauts, but I wanted full and permanent results, and went a full 12 weeks, even though, I saw most of my changes within the 1st 9 weeks, and I still can get use out of it, so it isn’t something I will ever throw away.

When it’s that time of the month and I’m bloated, I can wear this cotton and rubber binder, invisibly, and it is undetectable. It may take a few seconds longer to put on, but once it is on, you completely forget about it. It is like true, liquid skin, and there is ZERO riding up, or riding down.

I can hunch over if I please, touch my toes, do a back bend if I wanted to, and this brilliant cincher, stays right in place, each & every time…IMPRESSIVE!

While you can feel the overall compression, on every side of your abdominals: Top, lower, mid-section, and both sides, it is by far NOT uncomfortable to wear, and it’s the only one of these, that you may even forget you have on, which is a fabulous bonus!

I have a slightly long torso, and no problem there. It completely covers me, where you need the compression most…EVERYWHERE! From under the ribs, to above the pubic area, unlike some of the other binders, no part of your abdominal area is left out, with this one.

With the Especially for baby, I ‘Especially’, saw a lump above where it was compressing, vs. where it wasn’t. The Squeem compresses you EVERYWHERE!

The rubber in this brilliant garment, is what sets it apart from all of the others. Cotton alone, will never have the same effects, much less the same comfortability, as with Rubber, and this is the only one that has it, in their fabric, which is truly genius, and it’s not bad on the wallet either. Especially, for what you are getting!

2. Tauts Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap
best belly binder 2020
I personally recommend Brooke Burke’s Tauts, as it is my 2nd choice recommendation, and obviously I support it, being that I sell it through my website, however, it is still not my numero uno, and I’ll tell you why.

I bought this, after my husband told me about it, when I was freaking out, looking at the aftermath photos of twin pregnancies. Seemed it was going to take a miracle. He told me about the Tauts, showed me the website, and I took one look at Brooke Burke, after 4 kids, and said…ORDER IT! He did.

We are creatures, human beings, who do believe in what we see, however, can anybody be certain, she wore the garment? Well no, but she looks so damn good, how could one not be tempted to buy? Who knows, maybe she did, I do hope so, but then I thought to myself, ‘But she didn’t have twins’, and also, she is a celebrity, but…..WHO CARES ! She looks HOT. (Go Brooke!)

The velcro area is large, which isn’t the best thing, because you can only wear it so long. As you shrink you will need another garment, and it’s not super cheap or anything. It’s on the pricey side, but you can tell, it is of high quality, if you felt it for yourself, no doubt there.

The sizing can be a bit tricky, but you must order a size up. That should work, and it IS a garment that can be used post c-section.

I liked it overall, but again, I wasn’t able to invisibly wear it under clothes, and I sit at the computer for a few hours per day, and found that it rolled down just a bit, (Less then the others), as I have a natural ‘Hunch over’ when at the P.C, but it seems to be better constructed overall then the Belly bandit.

I really wanted something that compressed me from top to bottom, and was invisible under clothes, and moved with my body, like second skin.

3. Belly Bandit - Viscose from Bamboo Postpartum Belly Wrap
best belly binder
This is the binder my cousin who is postpartum now, with a baby girl, is using, as we speak. (Or as I type, should I say). She said, if it doesn’t work, she will go for my 1st choice, and recommendation, however she was given the binder for free from a friend, so who won’t accept free? I know I always would and do, 😆

So far her biggest complaint, is some folding down and up, when she sits and bends over. It does feel very high in quality, this I felt, and is much better then the binder I mentioned before this one, plus it’s wider, which is needed, however, it still falls short in a couple of areas.

She says she can only wear it at home, because it doesn’t fit well underneath clothing at all, and feels a bit stiff, and a tad uncomfortable, while wearing. It does however compress the most important parts of the belly, and that is why it at #3. It’s a very popular buying choice, so It’s gotto be ‘Ok’!

4. LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer

This one I myself tried, because I needed something fast, and it was available in store, while I awaited my other two bands. I was sure I was going to get me one that I loved, and return the others. (That was my mind set). I was confused at which to buy, so over-buying is what I do best, and the ‘Especially for mom’ brand, was alright & very simple to purchase, at Babies R Us.

It gave good support and was adjustable, but could not be worn under clothing, unless you wore something very baggy, and it was quite itchy, due to cut out sides, which dug into my skin, leaving some red marks. I mean, if it’s all you can get your hands on, as I always say…better then nothing, but not my 1st choice to recommend to anyone.

Plus, it didn’t cover enough of the ab area. A common problem among binders. You need FULL and total coverage, from top to bottom, or you’ll get ‘Uneven’, and ‘Odd’ looking, effects. (Bulge left on top, or on bottom). If you just have a stubborn bulge in the bottom of your belly, and are not postpartum & don’t have a diastasis to draw back together, this may fit the bill for you. Rt. $25+tax.

5. The Cinch Postpartum Wrap Back Support

**(#5 & #4 were tough to place in the appropriate order, however if you take opinions of others + value, this is how I came up with the order here.)**

This up-scale garment, is heavy on the price, and definitely heavy on style, but according to my friend, just didn’t make the grade. It’s thicker then other wraps she says, bulky, and simply does not apply enough tension, to the needed LOWER abdominal area, and love handle areas, on the sides, by the obliques.

It does cover a lot of the abdominals, which is what you want, and is pretty comfy, she says, however without enough tension, your effects won’t be as dramatic, as with other binders, and it was not worth the price of what she paid vs. what she got. She would not re-buy.

I’m just a person, a mom just like you. What can work for me, can work for you also.  I believe what I can see with my own two eyes, and so sharing my own pics and stories, makes me feel proud that I can help others who are in need of a belly miracle, if you will, and want their former bodies back, as badly as I wanted mine!

This is the most comfortable by far, the least bulky, and least ride up and down, (None I have ever seen), plus best full coverage, of all the other binders.  PLUS, ZERO ITCH!  That is huge!

And that, and my personal experience through photos, is why the Squeem makes number 1, on my list of the best, postpartum, belly binders.

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