February 21, 2019

Infant formula is necessary for parents who aren’t breast feeding or are supplementing breast feeding for children under 12 months of age. There are many different types of formula on the market that cater to many different needs, so we’re going to discuss what these types are, which one is right for your baby, and what to look out for.

Cows Milk Formula – The majority of infant formulas on the market today are made from cows milk which is altered to mimic a mother’s breast milk. It is also far easier for an infant to digest than regular cows milk. Cow’s milk formula is fine for most babies, however some with digestive, or other problems may require other types of formula

Lactose free or Soy based Formula – If your baby is allergic to, or has an intolerance for cow’s milk or lactose then this formula may be the best option. However, some babies are also allergic to soy milk, in which case your baby will need a Protein hydrolysate Formula

Infant formula is also available in either powdered, concentrated liquid, or liquid varieties depending on your budget convenience.

Powdered Formula is the cheapest option and also require a lot less storage room than the other varieties.  The downside is that obviously you’ll have to measure out the scoops of formula and mix it with sterilized or double boiled water. Since it’s not recommended that you mix bottles of formula ahead of time due to bacteria, you’ll need to go through this ritual at each feed.

Concentrated liquid Formula is slightly more expensive than powdered formula while still requiring mixing with water at each feed. It is however, somewhat easier to dissolve into the water than the powder based formula.

Liquid Formula is the most expensive option of the 3 but is obviously the most convenient as it doesn’t require mixing.  It will however, take up more storage space and any opened formula generally needs to be used within 48 hours.

Many parents opt for a combination of different formulas depending on the situation. For instance some will use a powdered based formula for when they’re at home, but will travel with liquid based formula when they leave the house for convenience.


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